About Tall Tine Leasing

Tall Tine Leasing was designed to help hunters and landowners come together through a mutually beneficial lease agreement. Roger Tackett, the owner and creator of Tall Tine Leasing has been hunting for more than half of his life.

Through the last handful of years Roger noticed it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain quality hunting property. He began to hunt public hunting areas but soon realized that they were overcrowded with hunters, the game over pressured, under populated and simply not a safe place to hunt. Not to mention it was impossible to implement any kind of game management strategy. It wasn't until his first child was born that he realized how difficult it was going to be to pass on his love for hunting and the outdoors. That's when he came up with the idea for Tall Tine Leasing. He knew that if he could find landowners who would be willing to lease their unutilized property, hunters like himself would be willing to pay a fee to hunt on a quality piece of land. They would be able to establish a game management program and have a safe place to carry on the hunting tradition with their families.

Tall Tine Leasing has taken the difficult part out of finding a quality place to hunt. We know what hunters are looking for and every property we list has been personally inspected to assess its quality and value. Our leases are annual leases for exclusive rights for you or your group. They are written between the landowner and the hunter with Tall Tine Leasing being a third party intermediary for making the arrangements. Anyone who leases with Tall Tine Leasing is also covered by our two million dollar liability insurance policy.