"I can't afford to buy a large piece of land for hunting. But I can lease at a fraction of the cost with all the benefits."
-Steve, Hamilton Co. Ohio


Are you a sportsman in search of a hunting lease? If so you've found the right place. By doing all the hard work we've taken the guessing out of finding a great place to hunt. If you see a property that interests you call or email us so we can answer any questions you may have.

Once you decide to lease with Tall Tine Leasing we take care of everything including all legal documents, liability insurance, renewals and everything is included in the lease price. Leases are for hunting and fishing only. Leases are between the sportsmen and the land owner with Tall Tine Leasing as a third party agent only.

Some benefits of leasing through Tall Tine Leasing are:

Adam's Wildlife Food Plots and Land Management Services

Adam Osswald is an avid outdoorsman who has lived and hunted in Ohio his entire life. Over the past 8 years Adam has become a very dedicated whitetail hunter and a few years ago decided he wanted to start implementing food plots on his hunting properties. This task was difficult since he lacked most of the necessary equipment so he invested in a bush hog and tiller box for his tractor. Adam has since added other pieces of equipment to his food plotting arsenal and his plots have turned out to be a great success. Adam decided he could offer these same services to others who either do not have the equipment or the time to do it themselves.

Adam offers a full range of food plot and land management services. From just tilling your seed bed, to a fully prepared plot, cutting trails or hinging trees to help create bedding areas. Adam can do whatever you need to fully enhance your hunting experience.

Adam’s services include:

• Soil testing
• Spraying unwanted vegetation
• Finish mowing
• Bush hogging
• Fertilizing/liming
• Tilling
• Seeding
• Food plot maintenance
• Creating/managing trails
• Cutting/removing trees

Adam’s rates are very reasonable and he is dedicated to working with you to create your own hunting paradise. If you have any questions or would like a quote on services please don’t hesitate to give Adam a call at Adam’s Wildlife Food Plots and Land Management Services, 513-623-9893.